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CUB's Project Assist Program


Each year, families in our community have to make hard choices. Deciding whether they can afford to heat their homes shouldn't be one of them.


By adding a small contribution to your utility payment, you can make a difference to a family in need. Your entire contribution will go to those in our community who need it the most. Complete the form below to make a donation to the emergency heating assistance program in your community.



All donations are tax deductible within the guidelines of your personal tax situation. ADFAC is a 501c3 agency serving our community since 1987.


Complete this form to make a donation to CUB's Project Assist Program.


I would like to add $ to my monthly utility bill to help families in need.  (Even
      dollar amounts only.)

I would like to make a one-time donation of $ to be added to my next utility bill to
      help families in need.  (Even dollar amounts only.)
I would like to round up my utility bill to the nearest dollar each month to make a donation
      to help families in need.  (My donation will never be more than 99 cents per month and will
      be less than $12 for the entire year.)


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If you live in Anderson County and are in need of emergency heating assistance,  call ADFAC at (865) 483-6028. 

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