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CUB/TVA Rate Actions Effective October 1, 2017



In response to a 1.5% increase in wholesale electric rates by TVA to be effective throughout the Tennessee Valley region on October 1, 2017, CUB will “pass through” the rise in wholesale power cost to CUB customers.  In addition to the wholesale rate hike, a cost of service study indicated adjustments in the fixed cost component (i.e., delivery charge) were needed to more fairly account for the actual costs to provide electricity to some CUB customer classifications.  CUB’s board of directors voted to increase delivery charges by three dollars per month for residential and small commercial customers effective with the implementation of TVA’s rate adjustment.  To help offset the increase in delivery charges, the board voted unanimously to decrease energy rates by approximately 1% to the affected customer classifications.  Taking into account these adjustments as a whole, all CUB customers will realize a net rate reduction from September 2017 with the transition off summer rates.  For a more detailed look at how these changes will affect the various retail rate classifications, please click on this link

Despite these rate actions, CUB’s electric customers will continue to enjoy rates that are amongst the lowest in the region. 

CUB's electric system spans six counties and includes over 1,500 miles of high voltage distribution lines supplying electric service to approximately 30,000 customers.

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